mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

This is Milan

Flashy clothing and brand new smartphones everywhere, not to mention shiny SUV cars (is there a crisis? Nooo, screams the city of fashion victims)

Chaos in traffic and unbreathable air

No receipt at the restaurant (= no taxes for the owner) after 500 euro dinner

Young people working in posh buildings with brand new Blackberrys...and not being able to afford more than 200 euros for rent.

Unemployed young people wearing Armani clothing

Young meaning...30...32...35...years old (is young defined as the time when you live with your parents?)

Rude to ask for a promotion at work after five years in the same role

One (expensive) youth hostel in the whole city

Heating systems to the max and freezing houses...ever heard of energy efficiency?

Barman looking at me in shock for ordering tap water. "It is forbidden" he says, before handing me a minuscule bottle of mineral water for 3 euro.

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