martedì 6 dicembre 2011

Brussels mon amour

Brussels: monstruously overqualified young people fighting for an internship, which then turns into another internship, until it becomes a boring and disappointing job like any other.

Brussels: a town where everything is so politically correct that it's nauseating.

"He/she worked with Delors...". [Sounds impressive, but is used to define about 97% of professionals in Brussels. I would use it too, if I weren't too young].

The lowest common denominator effect: language is basic English (with some US TV series influence); culture doesn't go beyond a mix of national stereotypes; speaking French is being posh; Belgium: is that where we live? 

Conversation topics: jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Contract. Salary. Concours. Which DG are you in? 

Welcome to the Brussels bubble. Please avoid jargon.

Why did we come here?

"E' che in Commissione ci si annoia e nel privato si lavora troppo".

Euro-kids who speak 4 languages by default.

si ma alla Commissione mica puoi dire di no

Asking yourself every single day: am I doing the job of my life? Am I thrilled with my job?

Network from dawn to night. Nowhere's immune, not even your own flat.

La Commissione: lasciate ogni senso critico o voi ch'intrate....

Tornare dopo le vacanze e per una settimana mandare curriculum in Italia perché si ha nostalgia

"Bruxelles è l'apoteosi della precarietà" (cit.)

Bruxelles va bene prima dei trent'anni, dopo tanto vale che torni a casa.

Ieri amici, oggi non ti conosco! [riferito agli aperitivi con gente random a place Lux e dintorni] - cit.

Please check out this

Si ci sono 9 gradi ad agosto, ma almeno si sta freschi. Pensa in Italia, che caldo insopportabile...

Non ne vale la pena, prendere 500 euro in più al mese per poi spenderli tutti in biglietti aerei per tornare a me ne sto in Italia che almeno ce sta il sole.

[work in progress...]

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