giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

A ruthless dictionary of EU jobs

Lobbyist - Someone trying to get to the Commission but hasn't passed a competition so far. Alternatively, someone with an insane passion for being on the wrong side.

Fonctionnaire - Someone good in numerical and abstract reasoning quizzes

EP Assistant - Waiting for something better

Think tank researcher - Hungry but happy

Journalist - Juggles fisheries and foreign policy. Is a waiter in the evenings to support self.

Consultant - Stressed by a life of denial

Stagiaire- Future looks bright...but distant

All the others - Parasites of the Institutions

Interimairesmainly secretarial staff traded through slave pushers like ADECCO Interim, Start People and others. (Copyright - b-eurocracy)

In general, everyone is very busy representing the interests of something they are not interested in at all, hoping that one day they might be able do to their own interest.

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